Are you looking for a fun new way to further build your bond with your dog, all while draining their energy physically and mentally?

We’ve got the course for you...

Introducing our new tricks class! Our tricks class isn’t just a course that will help you and your
dog be the life of the party at your next gathering. Trick training has been shown to build
confidence and strengthen your relationship with your dogs. It can also help your dog work
through overwhelming situations, challenge them mentally and assist them with gaining core
strength and conditioning.

Join us for our 5 week tricks course where we will cover fun tricks such as:

● High 5
● Sit Pretty
● Roll over
● Play dead
● Back up
● Bow
● Spin & leg weave
● Hoop jump
● Crawl

Your dogs will develop patience as we teach the foundations of trick training and how to break
down more advanced tricks into small portions to help your dogs be successful.
The course will conclude with a fun tricks performance where we will put together your new
skills in a sequence to show off to your friends and family!

Next Class: Wednesday May 15th @ 7:00PM.
$275.00 +HST