Accelerate your dogs private lessons or group class training with our DOG DAY SCHOOL PROGRAM exclusively for dogs that train with CANINE BALANCE TRAINING! (Sorry, no walk-ins)


OFTEN imitated, but NEVER duplicated​ our Dog Day School Program was developed back in 2010 by School Owner and Head Trainer, Ron McJannet as a supplement to our obedience training programs. Daily care for your dog on a whole other level! Our program makes good dogs great and great dogs Amazing!!!

Canine Balance Training's Dog Day School Program is an all day scheduled curriculum of FUN, PLAY, MENTAL STIMULATION, EXERCISE, CAREFULLY MONITORED SOCIALIZING, PACKWALKS and OBEDIENCE TRAINING for your dog!

Tuesday thru Friday, drop off your dog in the morning between 8am-9am and we send them home with you in the evening anytime before 5:30pm SMARTER, MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY SATISFIED and BETTER BEHAVED! During the day, professional trainers work on your dogs focus and teach rules & boundaries while distraction-proofing to help improve your dogs overall behaviour in our 2500sq.ft air conditioned indoor area. The school also has 1000sq.ft of outdoor area for dogs to use to get some fresh air on clean, high quality artificial turf.

The day starts with a couple of fun hours of monitored play followed by a 1 hour Packwalk mid-morning. After our walk we continue with play time but start obedience training in groups and in one-on-one format. Whatever level of training your dog is at, we will work them on the commands they are learning and prep them for the next level! We have a 6 dog per trainer maximum to ensure each dog gets the attention they need. You won't find this dog per trainer ratio anywhere else!
As an added bonus a Photo Diary of your dogs day is posted nightly on our Facebook page so you can see how awesome their day was! Check it out in our "Today at Dog School!" posts!!!

Your dog must be enrolled in our Novice Group Classes or Private Lessons with us to participate in Day School.

The cost for a day of school is $53.00/day tax included.

For more information on doggy day school, give us a call today! (905) 465-5837