"Thank you so much to all my amazing students, mentors, friends and peers for the following kind words of appreciation and support! I couldn't do what I do without you and your trust."

Ron McJannet
Owner/Operator/Trainer CRT


Love, Love, Love Canine Balance Training! Our Mastiff Oliver is so well behaved now, and listens to us with no problems. We love Ron and Jenna...they are wonderful trainers and love all the dogs that visit the school! We will definitely continue with Oliver's training! 

Teresa Grant


Hi Ron,

I can not thank you and your team enough for helping me and Ozzy get back on track. Joining your walks and private lessons really helped me, as you were able to correct my reactions, it has not only made walks enjoyable again but has also helped with family gatherings as Ozzy is more excepting of different situations and is not as afraid of change. Everyone has noticed the changes in Ozzy since your training and the days of dog school that he spends at your facility to socialise with other dogs is amazing, he get so excited to go to school... Thanks again for your patience and your team for continuing to help us improve.

Linda Murphy & Ozzy


Our puppy, Pearl, was hyper, uncontrollable and timid with other dogs before training. Now she understands how to socialize with other dogs and will even complete her commands at the dog park! She's done such a 180 and it's made our lives a lot easier. Thanks so much! 

Rachel & Rob De Vooght


Our Australian Shepherd puppy Jax was the most timid and shy dog. Before Canine Balance we could barely walk him. Now, he loves his walks! He is well mannered around food and a joy to be with. I was referred to Ron at Canine Balance through my neighbours. Their Great Dane, Mannix (who also trains at Canine Balance Training) is amazing! 

Donna & John Di Viesti


Our Doberman puppy Boss was a biting little monster that was always hyper and never listened. He is much more calm now and actually listens to commands. The biting is happening much less, especially for a puppy his age. We actually read and liked the testimonials on the website. You guys also seem like you like dogs very much, much more then it seemed on other doggy school websites. 

Natalia & Veronica


Hi Ron,

Whatcha do to my dog? And who is this dog I brought home? LOL... Ron, Finn has been soooo good since he came home! Still a 'party of one', but he looks to me now for direction, instead of just doing what Cash is doing. For example, I've taken him on a few offleash walks around the pond, and typically he would follow Cash, but this week he is walking beside me... if I stop, he stops.... if Cash lags behind, Finn follows me, whereas he used to wait for Cash. We're also practicing recall (much better) and the down command.

Thanks again, and send on your school deets as soon as they're available, along with any info I can share on Facebook etc.

Suzanne McKenzie


Hi Ron,

Glad to hear all is going well. I had a compliment this morning from my boss who sent her friend with a lab to get some training help from you. She was having trouble getting control over her dog. You may remember her. She just absolutely loved you and was so very pleased with all of your help and expertise. I was also so pleased to hear that all went well and my boss could not thank me enough for sharing your name for her friend. She will be passing your name along to others.

Jan Latimer


Hi Ron,

I am very happy to have the opportunity to provide a testimonial for Canine Balance Training because of the profound effect it’s had on my life. I get so much joy and satisfaction from my time with my dogs and I am definitely a better dog owner since being involved with your school. The things my dog has learned impress me every day but the things I have learned are probably even more remarkable!

Axel is a year and a half old Rottweiler and we have been involved with Canine Balance Training since he was a puppy. Because of everything Axel and I have both learned I have a happy, healthy, well-rounded dog that I know I can take anywhere and be confident that he will be social, happy to meet new people and dogs and be well behaved. I am very proud to say that he and I have passed the test to join the Pet Therapy program to visit patients in Nursing Homes and Hospices; a remarkable accomplishment for his young age.
Axel and I participate in classes together which has given us some very specific skills but more importantly we work together really well now and Axel is focused on me all the time and especially when we’re learning new things. The things that Axel had learned by 7 months old far exceeded anything I had accomplished with other dogs and other training methods. Axel is really a great dog and we are so proud of him.

Axel also attends the Day School on his own and I am positive that this is why he is so positive about meeting new people and dogs. Having dealt with dogs that are fearful or aggressive with other dogs or strangers I can’t say enough about what a gift it is to have such an even-tempered, balanced dog.

I have recommended Canine Balance Training to many people and everyone has been just as happy and impressed as I am. I plan to stay involved with the school in the years to come and definitely to keep up my recommendations!
Thanks for everything!

Laura Laughren


Before our baby boy arrived, we knew we had to do something to get our 4 out of control dogs trained. Luckily we found Ron! His approach was just what we were looking for. We were amazed at how quick and effective he was at not only showing us techniques but giving us the tools we needed to carry on and to be consistent. Our dogs took an immediate liking to him and we continue to use his expertise and services to maintain a well balanced pack of dogs. We highly recommend Canine Balance to many friends and family! Thank you Ron for everything you have done for us!

Michelle, Derek & Charlie Bender
Casey, Finnigan, Walter & Spencer too!


Hi Ron

Glad to hear all is well. I can't thank you enough for helping me with Freddie. 
You are truly the Canadian Dog Whisperer.
All the best,

Nora Sirisko


As a dog trainer for 30 years I have met and worked with many other trainers. There is no doubt in my mind that Ron is one of the most responsible and knowledgable trainers available in Burlington. As I am retired from training now I send anyone who contacts me to his new school with complete faith in his abilities.

Alice Scott


Within 3 weeks at Canine Balance Training our young Sadie has evolved from a gentle-yet-testing-the-boundaries "tween" to a more calm, obedient dog. She listens better, has learned to heel rather than yank for squirrels and people on walks, and is much more attuned to what we as pack-leaders expect from her. We are grateful for the training tools you've given to our family.

Megan Popovic & Josh Krentz


I have taken other dog training classes and I am thoroughly enjoying the Canine Balance Training Method. I honestly feel your mentality about earning your dog’s respect through practice,patience and praise IS THE WAY TO GO !!! I look forward to continuing to learn as much as I can from you and hope some day to have half the knowledge about canines as you have. I am truly impressed Ron, thanks for your all your caring and knowledge.


Maureen Needham


Our Akita Sydney came to Canine Balance Training at just 10 weeks old and soon after she was calmer, better socialized and knew all of the basic commands. Now a year old she loves going to school and learns more every week! Everywhere we go we get compliments on Sydney's behavior and her approach to other dogs and people. We're so happy that we met Ron! 

Leigh-Ann Popek


I had tried other trainers in the past with little success. Canine Balance gave us the training we needed for everyday life situations and much more. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Daniel Mendola


We brought home the cutest puppy ever, however in about 2 weeks things quickly changed. We were pretty sure we had brought home a mini demon! We were considering exorcism when I found Canine Balance. All kidding aside, Ron's methods work. With repetition, patience and practice Dallas very quickly became that cute little puppy again. We've been taking classes at Canine Balance for about 1.5 years and we always look forward to going. Dallas loves Ron (as do all the dogs!!), he loves going to school and really, really loves going to Day School with Ron and his pack. In the end our dogs are family and we want the best for them. We've found that here and couldn't be happier. 

Sylvonne Brousseau Milligan


Sidney was an out of control black lab with no manners...we had tried another training facility for 6 months and did not notice any change in his behaviour. I saw Ron at Ren's pet depot with his pack and thought wow he can control all those dogs in a store....I gotta get Sidney signed up with this guy. He is a different dog, he has manners, is very well socialized and loves going to Canine Balance....I recommend Canine Balance to everyone that I meet that owns a dog...Thanks Ron!

Barb Hillis


I love my dog. She is a playful, bouncy, yummy brindle boxer…now. When she came to me she was suffering from several behavioral problems that were likely caused by being separated from her mother a month early. We have been going to Canine Balance since she was 4 ½ months old and she is developing into the best trained 1 year old dog that I’ve ever had. She sits, she stays, she comes, and best of all she has not lost her lovely spirit. My dog and I have selected a combination of twice weekly day school visits to ensure that she has fun and is well socialized to other dogs, and have continued with intermediate training weekly after graduating the novice program.

Ron was recommended to me and I am so grateful. He loves dogs, he understands and reads them well. Most importantly, he knows that he is a really training the human (me) and his communication skills are appreciated.

I could not recommend Canine Balance more highly.

Darlene Harris


Louie was very scared and timid before starting with the classes and Day School. He is coming into his own now and becoming the dog we always wanted! Louie listens now and is fun to walk and train, thanks for the guidance! Friends were training here and passed on the referral, we are very pleased!

Lindsay Runciman & Cody Stuckless


We can't say enough about Canine Balance Training, Ron, Jenna and Lori. They took a very fear aggressive rescue dog and turned him into a friendly, sweet dog in 10 weeks...he (Buddy) still needs to overcome some of his "beagle stubbornness" with respect to some of his obedience...but it will come too 🙂 

Janet & Lee Pinelli


My dog Sam was very distracted and disobedient. Since coming to Canine Balance Training he has improved in many areas. He still has things to learn and we need to reinforce the commands and training we've received here, but I'm very happy with his progress due to the techniques we were taught. Thank you!

Greg Howe


Our Pug/French Bulldog cross Ziggy was extremely nervous with other dogs and afraid. He has shown continued improvement. He is more relaxed with other dogs, he has come a long way! After reading the reviews online and meeting Ron in person we felt that this was a good place for him.

Chris & Yvonne Nardi


Our dog Lucy knew no commands when we started our training. I am amazed at how much Lucy and I have learned. She has a good knowledge of basic commands now. My vet recommended Canine Balance Training. Thank you!

Jan & Gary Ford


Although my dog is over 2 years old the Novice Class was great to help build his confidence. Ron and Jenna leave you with all the knowledge needed to practice in real life situations, which is great to build a sound, confident dog. You always feel you have their support to help teach you how to handle your dog.

Ann Andrae


My dog Cash's walking before starting training was BAD! I hated going for walks and after the 10 weeks of classes have seen a huge improvement! Ron and Jenna were both super helpful. At the beginning of the classes I stressed about coming to class and now I can't wait to come back! I heard good things about you and I will be spreading the word and coming back for level 2. The Day School program is awesome too! Thanks so much!

Brooke Whitehouse


Molly was a puppy and I was referred here by Making Paw Prints dog walkers. She was extremely timid when she started. These classes have been fantastic! We have both learned so much during our time here making our life together so much more rewarding, I can't thank you enough. You truly are "the Dog Whisperer"!!! Thanks again Ron. Looking forward to our next session! 

Cindy Gill


My dog Stealy, at the beginning, tried to take control of me. He now listens to me a lot more and I feel more in charge. It is a great feeling! I wanted to get some training to learn how to train Stealy. I was referred by my freiend Tibbie, she always talked highly of this school. I am happy we brought our dog here!

Laura Brugos


Our dog Beau was very excitable and unsure about taking directions from us. He was easily distracted and nervous. He's done a total 180! He listens very well, has been easier to calm down and is very well behaved. We are very happy our friend recommended Canine Balance. 


Craig Mannell & Michelle Hutchinson


Luka was insane and full of energy all the time. He rarely listened to our commands. Now he is still full of energy but we now know how to calm him down. Now he listens to our commands and has improved tremendously now that we have the tools to train him properly. We did a tonne of research and this place had the best reviews. Everyone who wrote a review raved how amazing it is and I 100% agree. We will be back! 

Rachel McCormick & Graeme Henderson 


Before training, Shadow ALWAYS pulled on his leash when walking. He wouldn't listen or come when I called his name. Now it is a pleasure to walk my dog! He comes to me when I call his name no matter where he is in the house, he comes running! Ron was great from the first phone call. We were pleased with his style of training and he worked really hard to help me understand my dog and his behaviour. I felt very comfortable and learned a lot. Great school! 

Danielle Hansuld