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"Helping families and their dogs understand each other better!"

Do you want your dog to come every time you call?
Do you want your dog to behave when guests come over?
Do you want your dog to stop dragging you around on walks?
Do you want the best relationship with your dog possible?

We're here for you! We can help! Our training focuses on developing knowledge at both ends of the leash towards a mutually fulfilling bond! You and your dog will gain an understanding of how to communicate more effectively through trust and respect, the cornerstone of any relationship.

Have you tried other training schools/trainers with little success? Many of our students have! Our training guarantee's results fast!

Call us and tell us about your dog today! 905-465-5837


"I get so much joy and satisfaction from my time with my dogs and I am definitely a better dog owner since being involved with your school. The things my dog has learned impress me every day but the things I have learned are probably even more remarkable! Thanks for everything!"

Laura Laughren  

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